November 23, 2006

All I want for Christmas is world peace

and :
a trip to Paris in July so I can go to the flea markets and buy lots of buttons and ribbons and vintage French knitting needles and eat gratin Duaphinoise, creme brulee and a croque monsieur;

a black iPod that is slim and slinky and reads my mind so when I think of a song I want to hear, it just starts playing it;

a bottomless gift voucher from Unity Books;
to be able to speak fluent French, Te Reo, and any language I choose;
an unlimited voucher for Sweeney smiles;
a cookbook with every recipe I've ever wanted in it, including how to make the perfect gratin Dauphinoise, creme brulee and croque monsieur;

for Deb to able to eat dairy again;
a natural forcefield that blocks both skin damaging UVA and UVB rays, and insects, but does not limit my ability to tan, in fact it encourages my tan;
the ability to see into the future;

to own a top like this:

and a posh house in London, Sihanoukville, Paris and New York. Do you think Santa will be able to fit all that into his sleigh??

1 comment:

melissa said...

what a great Christmas list! I hope you get a few of those things- probably smiles from Sweeney are the most likely, and lovely.

I'm flattered you like my top...