December 18, 2006

Knitting has changed my life

The theme of The Dominion Post's Summer Series is "My Best Year Ever". It got me thinking about my best year ever and everything that's happened in my 34 years of life. Looking back on 2006, I'd say this has been quite a watershed year for me, and here's why it's been so cool:

1. Sweeney Martin Edward O'Neill was born
2. Leonardo Blake Firestone was born
3. Mbenguele Kimpalou Kimberley Shinelle Albrina was born
4. I got my dream job - I am a Features Writer at a daily metro newspaper
5. I won an award for education reporting, and a tasty $1000 cheque
6. I moved back to Wellington
7. I saw Iggy Pop play live at the Big Day Out
8. I learned to play bad guitar - anyone for a round of Kumbyah?
9. I started my own jewellery label - but haven't got a name for it yet
10. I learned to knit and have two nice jersies with another one on the way
11. I met the Mbengueles, Neil and Becc, Susie Poole, and other amazing people who I adore
12. I've spent many a nice evening with my pals, my family and my cat, gazing out at the harbour, eating tasty food, watching crap telly at Matt and Nat's, knitting, huddling over a heater, wearing a beanie to bed (Wellington), wearing nothing to bed (Hamilton), playing netball and cheering on Tahana, fielding calls from people telling me Charlie has wandered into their house, singing Sweeney to sleep, pushing my bike up the hill, lying on my red couch or on my red duvet in my red room, skipping with Benichous, drinking cups of tea with Chris, doing yoga while the cat bites my ankles ...
13. I realised I am the star of my own movie

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