January 10, 2007

Change of address

On Saturday, This is Chris Bramwell, Joe90 and myself will be moving into our new house in Vogeltown. The house is glorious. The landlady Dianna said no pets, but yesterday I talked her around by saying how great Charlie is, and how I would get one of those clever magnetic cat flaps, where only the cat with a special magnetic collar can get in the door, thus stopping any mangy flea taxis from entering our glorious abode.

I'm so pleased I get to keep my beautiful lovely white pawed boy that I wrote a poem ...

"The greatest cat in the world"

I can’t wait to see what things
To your magnetic collar cling
Or what things you will get stuck to
Like a motorbike or truck too
And how the cats and dogs you tease
Slam into the door while you enter with ease
When they snarl on the other side,
You’ll show them your bum from the safety of inside
And when Dianna comes to see you
She won’t smell any stinky cat pee – phew!
Because you’re the greatest cat in the world …

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