February 07, 2007

And another thing

Rhiannon's blog Toast and Cupcakes is one I've been lurking around for a while. I like her colours and designs, and her posts are so honest and refreshing. I'm hoping to meet her at Craft 2.0 in between flogging my jewels and making some dosh for Oxfam. Anyway, she recently posted about things she was asking the universe for, and a list of things she was grateful for. It's always good to put those things out there.

Dear Universe, can I please survive the 100km walk with my knees, feet, ankles etc intact and on speaking terms with the rest of the Mortimer Terrace Posse.

In return for this, here's some things I'd just like to say thanks for having in the world: Sweeney and Leo and their parents, cups of tea, Joe's nachos, Crown Lynn vintage pattern, knitting, Margaret Atwood and Carol Shields, my new walking shoes, French food, "Black Books", rescue helicopters, sunblock, the colour red, tui, five days in a row of brilliant summer weather.

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rhiannon said...

wow! I just read this now! thank you so much for your sweet words. I hope the universe gives you the strength to survive your amazing walk! and I hope to meet you tooooo!
Somehow I thought your blog was on my blogline feeder, I guess not, otherwise I would have seen this! silly me.. I'll add it now! xx