February 08, 2007


Was checking out Dayglo Days today, and saw Helen had posted this about New Zealand crafty/arty/just plain choice blogs she'd come across, including my blog world pals Anemone, Fossage and Toast and Cupcakes ... I just have to recreate it here so I can show off...

Special K has a sardonic sense of humour and is developing a jewellery label. One to watch! She also blogged about my cheese-biting entry, which was a sweet surprise when I was trawling through her archives. (It sounds kinda personal, doesn’t it “I was trawling through your archives “ - it sounds like “riffling through your undie drawer” or something.

I've never been called 'One to Watch' by anyone before, but have rehearsed my Oscars speech, and when I'm walking down the street sometimes I imagine I'm in an Annie Leibowitz photograph or looking pensively from an album cover.


kimberlee & Lies said...

i'm ready for my close up Mr De ville

Your post reminded me of a short story I once read about a woman who gets through her tedious cleaning job by constantly pretending she's being interviewed by a Housekeeping magazine.
'Well Darleen, I've always found the best way to get out grass stains is some everyday white bar soap, a squirt of lemon juice, and some good ol' fashioned elbow grease'

Along with responses to questions, she would practice a blend of hand guestures, facial expressions, and vocal intonations in order to acheive the perfect appearance of authority and false modesty.

It was a most amusing story because it reminded me of all the pratcie conversations I have had in front of the mirror when I am always eloquent, humourous, and say exactly what I mean.

Helen said...

Heh - I can so relate.

I like to plan which songs I'll play when Kim Hill invites me on to that slot on her show where 'famous' NZers choose their own music.

I think that would be my definition of success - being interviewed by Kim Hill! ;)

melissa said...

hehe same with me. or perhaps i'd be interviewed on 'rainy day at the bach' with Todd Niall, or '6 months to Mars' with Jim Mora.

the praise is well-deserved, special k.