March 25, 2007

Craft 2.0 - the aftermath

Sparrow & Tui jewels at Craft 2.0

tiny happy shoes, with card by Dayglo for wee Zoe

It's been a week, and finally I have pictures. Craft 2.0 was one of those events that makes me pleased I spend hours picking tiny little beads out of my belly button. It's really nice seeing someone's eyes lock on a specific piece, pick it up, give it a good fondle, then say "yes, I'll take this". Even better, just before I was about to pack up at 4pm, a young man strode purposefully over to my stall, pointed to a pair of particularly gorgeous earrings, and bought them as if he had no other purpose in life but to buy them. I met many lovely people, including blog friends and a woman who told me where I could find a Crown Lynn Vintage egg cup. I sold bugger all but our little Oxfam stall made $187.50 from cakes and cards. And I scored some tasty things from the next door neighbours. From Helen, of Daylgo Designs fame, I got a wee painting, some collage cards, and a felt badge called "Eat your greens". Melissa gave me pair of tiny happy shoes made with vintage embroidered fabric, and with SuperVery Sue I got a bunch of Winnie the Pooh fridge magnets - just what every girl needs. And for my flatmates I got a couple of badges from Miss Toast.

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Helen said...

Yaay - it was great to meet you there!