March 16, 2007

Finally, I've got some branding

Finally, I sat down last night and nutted out some branding. I was going to use old illustrations of the birds, Sparrows and Tuis, but with my limited talent at making computer stuff happen, I settled on using these pics that I've had for about a year. Unfortunately the green necklace at the top died on the night of our housewarming when someone yanked a bit hard on it, and the cubed beads have gone on to live another life as a two stranded floating necklace that Bramwell is wearing in her TV show. She will also be wearing a new design that I will be selling at Craft 2.0, but don't have pics of yet. Will get some tomorrow and post like crazy. Fair to say it's a stunning but simple design and I sold out of prototypes at last October's Craftwerk and in my pre-Christmas sales here at work.

Tomorrow is going to be chaos because:
1. I'm running my stall
2. I'll be setting up interviews with other crafties for a story and directing the photographer when he turns up
3. I will be beside myself with anxiety about the Oxfam cake stall and whether we will have enough cupcakes to bring in the big money

But it will be good because:
1. I'll be meeting these people I know through blogs but don't know in real life
2. Hopefully, people will buy my stuff and I can pay the phone bill
3. Everyone will sign up to sponsor us on our Oxfam walk, and the cupcakes will sell like cupcakes and we will be another $1000 or so towards our fundraising goal of $5000.


Helen said...

Yum - that looks great - lovely photos of a lovely product.

Can't wait to meet you tomorrow! I'm feeling very hyped and nervous. Yeek. I guess it's slighter weirder for me because I have to travel for two hours to get there - so it's a lot of anticipation time...anyway...

See you IN THE MORNING! Yikes.

x Helen

Jo Hubris said...

And provided you haven't eaten it yet, my baking should help with that money raising.

And I can use the cost of the ingrediants as part of my commitment to spending 1% of my income on charity. Everybody wins!

melissa said...

it was great to see your work (and you!) in person on saturday.

Kimberlee + Lies said...

how did it all go? I am itching to know the update on your list of choas. Did your jewelry pay the bills, did you sell loads of cupcakes, did you get good photos and interviews for you articles?
your public awaits a reply!