March 22, 2007

I'm such a jet setter

I've been to only nine per cent of the world's countries - in order they are: The US, Canada, Thailand, UK, France, Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Romania, (Thailand again) Cambodia, UK again, Italy, Vatican City, Holland again, France again, Monaco, Cambodia again, Vietnam. The three that I have transitted through (Germany, Belguim and Australia) don't count.

Places I still want to go to: Botswana, Australia, New York in the summer, Canada when it's not freezing and stormy, Mozambique, Congo-Brazzaville, Laos, India, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Iceland, Greenland, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Russia, Poland, Norway, Serbia, Greece, Israel. I have a fascination with desolate places like Romania where it felt like the entire country had just been left to run wild, like the Congo where beautiful people like the Mbengueles come from, and Turkmenistan where people have lived for millenia but I know nothing about them. I love to travel and see how people live, what they decorate their homes with (pictures of Jesus, tapestry, bits of stick, girlie calenders) how they get about the place (with pgis on their motorbikes, holding hands with each other, on the back of trucks) and what they think is important.

So whose been to where? Anyone got any jaw-droppingly good desolate places they've visited? One of the most desolate places I've been was Sarajevo, where the bombed out buildings still stood, where the only 'hostel' was in a train car and the train station it sat beside was a bombed out grey shell. My parents were quite worried about me.

2 comments: said...

After reading your post I realised that I have never been anywhere truely desolate? Hmmm. A strangely populated but in some ways desolate place was Hiroshima. A busy shotengai (shopping alley) leads you over a bridge to the chilling A-Bomb Dome. Shocking sight. And the museum... haunting.

Anonymous said...

how many countries are there in the world ... that seems like so few to be 9 percent.

I think the most desolate place I've been is Flint ... yuk.