March 08, 2007

It's all about you

Next week I start my temporary job as editor of the Dominion Post's Life section. It's only for a couple of months (or so I'm told) while they find a replacement for the lovely Julie Jacobson who is leaving me to go work for the Herald On Sunday. I am devastated she's leaving me because she's one of the few who have made working here in the quiet air-conditioned halls of the Features Department fun for me. She can always be counted on to leave little treats on my desk, like this morning there's a bit of the farewell cake she baked last night that the rest of the department will get for morning tea tomorrow, but I'm away so I get a preview. And the little Hershey's Kisses she left kept me going through January when I was desperate for a holiday.

Anyway, I will be doing her job and writing a feature a week on a lifestyle 'issue' of some sort. I plan to write about:
Living a gluten free life - why do it and how easy is it?
Crafty women (goddesses) who have made wee businesses out of craft while holding down house and kids. Where do they get time and inspiration, and how do they sell their wares?
An interview with an Etiquette Coach, and tips on etiquette we didn't even know about
Recycled clothing - making glad from rags
What the heck is a life coach and why do we need them?
Organics - is it better for you or just an excuse to charge more money?
My battle against blisters, procrastination and dodgy knees to walk 100km for Oxfam. Why the heck am I, and others I've talked into it, doing that?

So this is where you punters, blog pals, lurkers and passersby come in. I need YOUR stories. The Life section is primarily about the way we live, dress, and eat, it's about the things we surround ourselves with and play with. What makes your life about more than just existing? What questions have you asked lately about the way people live that you would like answers to? Of course, being a journo I have to be objective about stuff with a bit of skepticism and cynicism thrown in. I'm not interested in stories that are adverts for a particular person, group or way of living. I'm not going to write about hippies without describing how bad they smell, for example. Or talk about a gluten free life without asking if this is just a fad.

Anyway, email me with your ideas, thoughts, and I'm keen to hear from Melissa, Helen, Rhiannon and any other crafties who would like to be in my story on craft goddesses. I'll probably do the interviews when you're here for Craft 2.0, and get some pics on the day. Which reminds me, I have price tags to make tonight...


kates said...

Let me know if you need anyone to talk to about gluten-free stuff. I have ME so have been leading a gluten free, dairy-lifestyle for awhile.

craft said...

oo what about lovely babylicious martha?

craft said...

and someone dropped out
if you still want a double table it's yours :)

just flickr the old craft2.0 gmail an email if your in

kimberlee & Lies said...

Concradjo on the new position. I am very interested in the topics you raised for lifestyle articles, good ideas/questions you have asked. Is there any way us aucklanders can get ahold of the stories?