March 06, 2007

Six people, one bathroom, one expelair that I will rip out of the wall with my teeth if I have to

I love my house. It's great. But there were six people in it last night, and my room is next to the bathroom. Our lovely landlady showed us how a fan goes on when you switch on the bathroom light, and how it stays on sucking out air for a good five minutes after you swtich the light off. We got Jamie, a very handy pal to have, to wire it so the fan doesn't stay on after the light is off, and generally, me + C + J are pretty onto it about not turning the light, and thus the fan, cos it's freakin' loud. We also don't flush the loo unless necessary, cos we're thinking about water conservation, of course. But last night there was a cacophony of noise coming from Vogeltown - *stomp down hallway*rattly door handle*loud whir*peeing sounds*flush*rattly door handle*stomp down hallway*rattly door handle*really loud whir*waterfall as if pouring liquid from a great height*flush* etc.


And then, just as I was getting back to sleep, J popped his head in my door as I had asked him to to wake me up. Double grr.

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