March 25, 2007

Sun, stardom, and screaming

My feet, Lyall Bay, this morning

Wellington is still experiencing some of the finest weather EVER in the history of Wellington, but yesterday me and Taylor would not have known it. We walked from Owhiro Bay Road up to Hawkins Hill, across to the Wind Turbine, over to Wrights Hill and over to the Skyline Walk. It was chilly. On the way to Mt Kaukau, the wind was so strong and cold and horrendous that at one stage I was sure I was going to get blown over. Huge mists were screaming over the hillsides. My pony tail was whipping into my face, I was having trouble going forward into the head-on northerly and we decided to pull the plug just after passing Crofton Downs. So we walked down off the ridge into the suburbs, through Otari-Wilton's Bush and back to Taylor's in Brooklyn. Once we were off the ridge we discovered what a flippin' glorious day it was. People were out doing their gardens and washing their cars and going to birthday parties. I was shattered at the end, and wondering if I can really do this thing. My knee was pretty sore, and my hips were screaming.

Sweeney, with his latest acquisition (his four teef) being very cosmopolitan at the Maranui Cafe

Today, I did my first cafe review. Seeing as it was another glorious day, me, Ange and Sweeney (who is nine-months-old tomorrow) went to Maranui Surf Lifesaving Club at Lyall Bay. I am pleased to report the hollandaise was very tangy, and my eggs were soaking in it.

"I really think the government ought to be putting more money into health care benefits for cats. Specifically, more meat. Preferably fillet steak," Charles Rothwell of Vogeltown told Radio New Zealand News today.

After hollandaise bliss and a bit of perving at the boy with the Side-Show Bob hair at Maranui, we went and bought a lemon tree and a blueberry bush. I planted these in our garden and Bramwell interviewed me as I dug the hole to plant the bush in. I am quite useless at digging holes, and was convinced that there was a layer of concrete just under the surface. So in the audio I am puffing away like a chain-smoker as I talk and dig . Bramwell is making a documentary for Radio NZ about carbon neutrality, and the reason I planted the trees is to offset the carbon emissions made during the two flights I've taken this year. The documentary will be played on April 15, but I don't know what time. Stay tuned, listeners.


Joanna said...

I had breakfast at the Maranui this morning too! Yummy yummy fish burger, mmmmm maranui sauce!

kates said...

that's a great post. Is that you putting the microphone up the cat's nose?

aka Special K said...

No, that's my flatmate Bramwell with the microphone. I was sweating over getting the piddly little hole dug for the blueberry tree when that was happening.

Helen said...

Cool - I'll listen out for your heavy breathing on Nat Rad!