March 30, 2007

The universe has been good to me

A while back, when I first starting investigating crafty lass blogs, I found tiny happy. The first post I read was this one and I was instantly in love. I even asked Santa for a top like this blue one for Christmas. And you know what happened yesterday? I got home to find that Melissa had sent me that blue top. She had said at Craft 2.0 that she had wanted to send me something special, but had wanted to meet me in person to see what kind of shape I have. I'm glad I've lost my muffins cos the top fits snugly on my new slimline hips. It's so beautiful, and I will have to go to the bead shop at lunch time to find some blue beads to make earrings for it.

I'm so stoked. Thank you, thank you, thank you...


Joanna said...

The universe has been good to you because you are good to the universe!

melissa said...

i agree with joanne.
and you're welcome!
x m