April 20, 2007

An assignment

The lovely Wanda Harland has given me this assignment to do ...

1. What is your best hangover remedy?
Sleep, having tea brought to me in bed and a Big Mac. Also, the three drink rule - don't have over three drinks and you should be ok. I'm a cheap drunk.

2. How many countries have you been to?
16. In order - the US, Canada, Thailand, the UK, France, Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Cambodia, Vietnam. All between the ages of 25 and 32. The best - France, Cambodia. The scariest - Romania, Bosnia. The one where I was sexually harassed the most - Italy. The one where I almost got killed without realising it - Canada. My next travel destination? A Pacific Island to dry out my blisters.

3. Red or white?
Definitely white. A nice sauv suits me fine. Also rather partial to bubbly.

4. What talent are you particularly proud of?
My writing. I'm quite shy and not very good at getting words out, which makes life a little scary being a journo sometimes and having to ask the hard questions, but I can pretty much express anything I want through writing. I really like leaving cards and poems as presents to make people happy. I'm also rather proud of my knitting tension and I hope I'm a good friend to those I love.

5. What alternative direction did you almost take at 18?
I knew from age 13 I was going to go to university in Christchurch cos I adored my big sister and wanted to do what she had done. She made Canterbury sound so exciting and glamourous compared to dull old Tokoroa, which wasn't hard, so there was never any doubt in my mind where I'd go at 18. But after a term of hating Canterbury and being totally homesick and missing my boyfriend who was living in Hamilton, I almost transferred to Waikato. I'm glad I didn't. The boyfriend had been cheating on me, and broke up with me by just not showing up somewhere when he said he would. Funnily enough, 14 years later I ended up in Hamilton when I worked at my first newspaper, the Waikato Times.

Anybody want five questions? I'm a journalist. They'll be HARD.


Joanna said...

Oooh ooh, ask ME five hard questions!

Off-Black said...

I'll bite. Try me!

fish said...

me too!

Homeperm said...

oh my goodness i only read like three other blogs and they all get questions. following in the hubris, off black and fish tradition i want questions too. ones that i can answer amsuingly please.

d3vo said...

Hi Special K, I'm pretty sure I know your sister and have met you briefly. I know off-black, fish and homeperm quite well and seem to live in the same suburb as ms harland.

Five questions sounds like fun, I would like very hard questions please. Oh, and tell Ange I said hi!