April 24, 2007

Five blogs that make me think

When I started my blog back in the early days of being at the Waikato Times, it was just a way for me to do a bit of writing and send it to people to keep in touch. Since meeting Melissa late last year, blogging has become something quite different. Craft 2.0 was a real eye-opener for me, that I can meet and be friends with people I really admire, and have them kind of like me too. For a shy girl, that's quite an achievement. Lately, blogging has been more than a bit of writing and keeping in touch, I'm not sure what, but I hope the new readers who have come across it will enjoy it and get something out of it even though they don't know me. Hopefully, it will make you think.

Here are five blogs that have inspired me, that I read often, that keep me mindful of the details.

1. The one that started it all, tiny happy.

2. Joanna's sometimes brutally frank online journal (it's not a blog) Hubris. She's so freaking brave.

3. Post a secret, which one day I am going to send a postcard to. If anything, I just like the design of some of the cards people send in. The way that the same secrets come up again and again also astronishes me. A lot of people have secret lives that they hide under their demure exteriors. When I think I am the only person on Earth who feels a certain way, Post a secret reminds me I'm not.

4. New York Hack - the adventures of a New York cab driver. Know me, know I love New York. And this blog makes me think about how the ordinary is extraordinary. There's something so lovely about a sign pointing to Manhattan to a girl in Wellington. In New York it would be just a sign.

5. The Dirtsailor is a person I will probably never meet, who comes from a totally different world from mine, who believes terrorists "declared war on" America, who served recently in Afghanistan, but who surprisingly has a few of the same ideas as me. One of his last posts had him reeling in disbelief about the Blacksburg massacre and how in just the last few weeks more Americans have been killed in Afghanistan alone. He says, "Has America become so completely decadent and self-involved that it can send it's young people off to war and not even know what is going on there? 99.9% of Americans are living as they always have. Going about their lives, consuming, watching "reality" T.V. Other than lip service paid by the news, most Americans are either ignorant of events or do not care." Though I know I would argue a lot with him if I were to ever meet him, I like to read this blog because on the one hand it reflects a world view that scares me but can't turn a blind eye to, and on the other, I think he's rebelling against that world view.


fish said...

I have a secret I want to post to Post a Secret too. One day I will get onto it.

On another note, I've done my homework. Thanks for the questions! :)

Off-Black said...

answers here:

I really enjoy how this medium works. Nice to meet you.

I used to follow a blog of sorts called ejectejecteject! which sounds a bit like Dirtsailor. Lots of really really pro US views, but insightful all the same.

melissa said...

thanks for the mention. i was equally pleased to have found special k.
And now i'm off to check out your other links...