April 11, 2007

Three days to go ...

It's three days before Neil, Matt, Joe and I start the 100km walk. I'm feeling pretty confident after two pretty good walks over Easter Weekend. One was 35-ish kms from Vogeltown round the bays, over Mt Vic and back home, the other was probably 12-ish km from Vogeltown to Island Bay to Owhiro Bay to Vogeltown. Joe has stepped in to be our fourth team member at the last minute, but depending on how his broken shoulder is (yes, he's contemplating walking 100kms with a broken shoulder) he'll make a call probably tomorrow about whether he'll start or not.

In the meantime, I've got my kit together - a big plastic box full of polypros, strapping tape, thorlo socks, my red raincoat - and am just walking/biking to work, and eating almost constantly. Last night I inhaled a plate of nachos and then had some Girl Guide biscuits for pudding, and was still hungry at bedtime. Today I am chomping down nuts and fruit and panicking about the amount of time I will be away from work because taking the whole Easter break off was a bit of a miscalculation what with my pages being laid out on a Tuesday, blah blah blah.

Anyhoo, we've been quite slow off the mark with our fundraising, what with there only being three of us for some time now, and the boys working crazy hours and me focussing on my training. But we have another two months after this to raise the $5000 and we are on the brink of crossing the $2000 mark. Our employers have not supported us the way we thought they would, and it feels as if everyone is just charitied out. SuperVery Sue had a good idea though - that our crafty pals donate something we can raffle off - a big basket of crafty goodies perhaps? Hopefully we will be able to have another cake stall at Craft2.0's exhibition opening at the Paramount starting on May 3rd, but with a raffle we might be able to generate a lot more cash. Who wouldn't want to buy a ticket to win a basket of crafty goodies? If you'd like to donate anything, please give me a bell on 04 4740553 (that's me at work) or email me here, and I can get started on selling tickets pronto! Really appreciate any little bits and pieces you can spare. K xxxxx

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