April 02, 2007

Top Five Walking Songs

At the weekend, I did a bit of walking. When I say a bit, I mean loads. On Saturday, Joe came with me from our house to Island Bay, round the south coast to Breaker Bay, up to Scorching Bay (for a quick cuppa at the Chocolate Fish) and back round to Kilbirnie. I bravely marched on through head-winds round Evans Bay to Oriental Parade, and looked like I'd had a very bad perm when I got to town. Bits of hair had escaped from my ponytail and were standing on end around my face. Sexy.

Yesterday I did it all again, this time with Bramwell in tow, and we did the circuit the other way around with Owhiro Bay tacked onto the end. Again, it took seven hours. I never thought I would look forward to walking up a near-vertical hill, but after 6.5 hours on the flat my hips were killing me and walking up Butt Street (yes, it really is called that) was like heaven. It took all the pressure off my hips and felt divine.

So I spent 14 hours on Wellington's asphalt, got myself a bit scorched in the sun, a bit wind burned, and well and truly wore in a pair of $35 socks. And I came up with a few playlists I'll put together for the big event, in times of crisis when I need a lift and one of Neil's jokes isn't going to cut it.

Top Five "Propel me up that hill" songs
1. Scrapbook - Dimmer
2. Star guitar - Chemical Brothers
3. Evolution - Dimmer
4. Beautiful day - U2
5. The tide is high - Blondie

Top Five "It's a gale force head-wind but I'm stronger" songs
1. True faith - New Order
2. Hash pipe - Weezer
3. Tennesse stud - The Little Willies
4. Disco 2000 - Pulp
5. Ray of Light - Madonna

Top Five "I'm in a lot of pain so I'm going to fantasise about playing Glastonbury to take my mind off it" songs
1. Lucky - Radiohead
2. Hey - Pixies
3. Gold Soundz - Pavement
4. Ever fallen in love - Buzzcocks
5. APS - Straitjacket Fits


The Shopping Sherpa said...

"Will this hill ever end?" song: The only way is up by Yazz

"I can't stand it a moment longer" song: Thengs can only get better by D:Ream (especially the first two lines: "You can walk my path
You can wear my shoes")

And the "I'm going to be laughing so hard I won't be able to walk at all if I play this" song: Running up that hill by Kate Bush


Randominanity said...

who in their right mind pays $35 for socks??

I've bought shoes for less than that.