May 25, 2007

What makes you happy?

My colleague Nikki is doing a two part story about what makes people happy. Tomorrow's paper will feature the first part - What Makes Men Happy? We've been talking about what we would say if anyone cared enough about us to ask, and here's a selection of responses:

Finishing a project - be it a story, a jersey, a necklace, a pair of earrings, a cake, tidying my room, writing a letter, posting something on my blog, finishing a really good book.

Being Sweeney's aunty - it's amazing to see the little fella change, and to be part of his future. I wonder a lot about what the world will be like when he's older, what he will be like as a man. I also love it when he laughs so hard his tummy and shoulders go up and down. He's got a funny nerd laugh that cracks me up.

My friends - last night after French I went to dinner with some pals, and Deb and Gus said 'yey!' when I walked in and made room for me at the table. That's a pretty nice feeling. I gave my friend Becc a necklace I thought she'd like, and when she put it on, I was really proud that I had made something beautiful for someone I care about, and been able to share my craft with her.

Seeing things grow - I love growing things from seed, putting the dirt over them, putting them in the sun, seeing little curls of leaf come out of the earth. I have my first vege patch since I was a kid growing up in Arthur Street, and I can't wait for the first carrots and beetroot and parnsips. I'm also becoming a bit obsessive about composting theories.

Charlie - my furry boyfriend. I just adore him. I'm so lucky to have him. Even if he is being difficult about chicken and venison chef at the moment, and cost me $400 in vet bills last year from fighting with other cats.

A good cup of tea, the colour red, squirrels, pink underpants, being called beautiful by the postie, waking up beside the postie, a hot bowl of porridge with cream and brown sugar, gratin dauphinoise, parcels, Monty Python skits that I know off by heart but which still make me laugh, an untapped op-shop, the Tour de France, storage containers.

So, dear readers - the question is - what makes you happy?


Kate S said...

that last photo definately made me happy.

kimberlee & Lies said...

reading what makes you happy, made me happy because I could identify with many of those things:)

a would also like to add that fashion is making me happy. lately I have been into dressing in costume themes. today ballet is my theme and I am wearing a short skirt, ballet flats, and leg warmers. it sure it making me smile:)
ps I love the squirrel illustration

Sally E said...

Hey Kimbo, A good thing to think about.
For me, Watching a bollywood movie, eating indian food and drinking beer! Ahhhhhhh

Dancing!!!: To 80's, bollywood and bhangra music, reggae music.

Sitting in my pal cathy's garden in the sun in newtown drinking wine.

Lyall bay beach. Lying in the sun, seeing a ferry go by,watching the planes land, swimming in slightly warmer water with me pals.

A good coffee in a nice cafe with friendly staff, up to date papers and house and garden magazines.

Walking for 4 1/2 days in northumberland - you have to try it!!!

Being in Marakech, food, drink, people, sights, sounds, smells, shopping, markets.

Hanging out wi me pals: chatting, laughing, walking, dancing, eating, swimming, watching bollywood.

Oh how could I forget??? PINK!! A day does NOT go by without me wearing some pink, or using a pink utensil or modern daily item of some description!!!!!

Playing with my neices and nephews. Baking. Being silly -'avin a larf'. The food in Rome.
Well that's enough for now i think!! Ciao Sally