July 10, 2007

A pregnant pause

So yeah, I've got a new project. I'm growing a baby.

It's almost 12 weeks old, and the last six weeks have been possibly the longest EVER apart from maybe counting down to go overseas, because I've been sick with morning sickness and zonked out with tiredness - common first trimester complaints. But that all seems to be coming to an end as I head into the second trimester... I'm about to start showing and I'm officially allowed to tell people but to me it still seems a very surreal experience. I've just come from the 12 week scan where they test for chromosonal abnormalities by measuring the skin at the back of the baby's neck, known in our household as The Mong Test. The radiologist said everything was looking good healthwise, but we have yet to get formal results. The postie didn't get all misty-eyed at seeing the wee flickery heart beating like I did, he remained quite stony throughout. The baby looked like pictures of scans I'd seen before, a cute wee head, little hands and feet, and it was springing around in my uterus like it's a bouncy castle. It's so weird to think that's going on in my body right now, when all anyone can see is me sitting here typing and smiling to myself a little bit.

So yeah, a new project. An unplanned one, one that has taken some getting used to, and one that will come to fruition in January.

The postie and I plan to find a new flat after we holiday in Noosa (a pre baby plan, I'll be four months pregnant when we get over there), and strollers seem to be our hot topic of conversation lately. That and rocking chairs. His parents and my parents are pleased as punch, Sweeney seems oblivious to the whole thing, but Sweeney's parents are stoked he'll have a cousin.

We are going to find out what flavour it is, but not for another two months or so. I think finding out what sex the baby is doesn't ruin the surprise, as the surprise when a baby is born is that you get a person, not a sex. When I think about the Kid I think about a wee girl, but in my dreams, which are vivid and literal at the moment, the Kid is a boy. I dreamt one night I was having a political discussion with it when it was aged ten and he had shoulder length dark hair all shaggy like teenagers do. I looked at him and thought "wow, I made you." It was wild.


melissa said...



Claire said...

OOOOO Sooooo exciting!!!! Can't wait to see you bump when I'm back home in October!!! xxx

charlotte said...

"I made you". Enough to blow your mind!

Well done you - so much to look forward to and so much to enjoy now :)

Homeperm said...

that is so very exciting. a cause for knitting and crochet if ever i've heard one. also i see you're reading one of my favourite books of all time... brideshead. it's all coming up kimberley!

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rata said...

I just told the OPEN SPACE here at Sauce....and half the people went 'Whose Kimberley!!??' and the other half went 'wow! that's cool....Kimberly who??'
Canton said - Thats what women do
Tamara said - How cool
Darryn said - eh??

so who is the guy?
is there are guy? or.....

Having become a wombless woman - who cried and cried yesterday over the loss of my most womanly bit....sigh...I do think this is wonderful news.

Oh - you kow those grey hairs you used to pull out of my head? I would be nearly bald if you did that now...sniff sniff...

this went to my junk folder which is why I haven't responded sooner.

Love you
OMG!!! OMGGG!!!!

scrappers@paradise.net.nz said...

Yay for you Kimberley - it's the best thing you'll ever make! Rx

Anonymous said...

Hey Kimberley


I stumbled across you blog the other week when I was looking up ex-Massey folk and have been checking in regularly to see what this big new secret project is...wow,your magnum opus you could say.

Lesley (from journo school)

Randominanity said...

Hey congrat's! What an adventure for you to embark on. I'm sure it'll be all good