July 24, 2007

Wellington's Next Top Interview Subject

I've been doing a story about models and what it's like to model in Wellington. I interviewed an incredibly gorgeous woman this morning about it, and here was me having just scarfed a sausage roll, hair pulled back into a bun because I got up too late to wash it, crusts in my eye corners, the same pair of stained brown cords on I've been wearing all week and unbrushed teeth. Talk about skanky.

Anyway, it has recently come to my attention that I look as if I have eaten too many pies. I'm too small for real maternity clothes, but wearing my normal sized clothes feels like I have to go to the toilet all the time. And I can't stop burping. That too made interviewing a 22-year-old model a less glamorous experience that I would have liked. If I had the chance, I would walk around with my top button undone all the time, but that wouldn't go down too well in a professional environment, I'm sure.


Kimberlee + Lies said...

holy smokes!
I have been over seas and on a blogland vacation. I return now find out this glorious news. YEAH congratulations!!!!!

I frantically read all your back post concerning the pregnancy... it was a pulse quickening experience.

yea!!!!! please post as much about your pregnancy as you want, don't censor the morning sickness complaints for my sake. I'm totally along for the ride! so keep the posts coming:)

taimarie said...

Nice to meet you on your blog and thanks for the comments on mine. I had to laugh at this post because it sounds like me (right down to the stained brown cords.) And I don't have a pregancy to blame! And Congrats. Even if everyone everywhere is pregnant, it is still incredible and unique and profound, so write away!