September 02, 2007

Fat pig at 16 weeks

I'm 19 weeks pregnant now - almost half way there. Tiny has a big roll or arm-flexing session a coupla times I day, usually when no-one else is around for me to go - hey, feel this! Chris has been taking shots of the extension I'm adding to my stomach, the books editor at work calls it "my bottom drawer", but the Postie had to do the photography while we were in Noosa. Chris' photos are all on film, so we won't see them for a while. I'm looking forward to seeing the gradual progression over the weeks.

So here's the bottom drawer at 16 weeks in Noosa, to me it looks like a stuck out stomach, like I've eaten too many pies. But trust me, you try and suck that in ... It's amazing for me to look at it and remember how I used to agonise when I was 16 that my hip bones stuck out too far!


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Lovely belly!! It's all down-hill from here... from here begins the opening of doors into belly and trying to squeeze into spaces you *think* you can fit, but really you can't.

Exciting! And yay for the new place :)

Kimberlee + Lies said...

wow look at you!

Sarah Lee said...

Hello! I've just come across your wonderful blog, through your first post on the wellingtonista. It's a great read and it's wonderful to read of your growing bubs - congratulations!

I have two preschoolers and vividly remember the excitement of my first pregnancy - and very much enjoyed looking properly pregnant and not porky past the twenty-week mark!