September 30, 2007

How to keep your hands warm

Rainy afternoons and chilly almost Spring nights are for making things:
Sweeney's Christmas stocking - a Birds of a Feather pattern, which will eventually look like this:

I've had to do it on lighter linen than the pattern says because it just isn't available here. Funny - the name of the correct dark brown linen is Sparrow. I've also used plainer floss - the verigated floss was very expensive and I had to order it from the US, and found it didn't look as good as the plain DMC colour. I'm hoping to get this done for Christmas this year, if there are just a few more rainy days that I plonk myself down on the couch with it. I also have to find someone to sew up the finished result for me, as I don't sew (yet).


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Wow! That's dedication!
V. impressive :D

Tamsin said...

Lovely! Make the most of it now though. Last night, I finally got out the cross-stitch and tapestry projects I put away when Ngaio was born - just over 2 years ago. And then I had to hide it today in case she decided to 'help' with the scissors!