September 06, 2007

Sport billys

In 2000, my workmates Rata Sidwell (top left), Raewyn Humphries (top right) and I (front and centre) did the Kapiti Women's Triathlon. We all worked at what was then known as 2D but these days is called Sauce. Rata did the accounts, I looked after camera crew bookings and took care of the boys, and Raewyn was an editor. It was a really choice place to work - nice space to work in, good people, fun projects, and sitting next to Rata there was always something lively to talk about. I was really really upset when the Two Ds who ran the place decided to sell off my arm of the company - the crewing business - but a raucous night of karaoke sent me off and whenever I come across the photos from that night I laugh at how choice it was. We were all pretty good mates - Raewyn even married the uber-choice Aaron, a fellow editor, and there were quite a few romances going on behind the scenes. Rata just emailed me this morning asking if I wanted to catch up with a few old faces, and sent me the above pic of us after the triathlon. To do the race, I borrowed an old Avanti from Rata that weighed about 5.6 tonnes, and did basically no training in the lead-up apart from biking to and from work when I could be bothered. Over that coming winter I biked to and from work every day as a bet with another workmate Hannah, and at the end of the year we put two teams of 2Ders into the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. Which was ace. Especially getting drunk that night. I was 27, having a long distance relationship with Craig in London, and living in Newtown with three girls. How things have changed.


Kimberlee + Lies said...

oh you are very sporty. this is sort of like a flashback friday....

I found out the theme is posted on a blog each week

aka Special K said...

I WAS very sporty. I haven't ridden my bike in months... and before I got it last year, it was years since I'd set bum on seat. So not so sporty at all actually.