November 17, 2007

Curiosity almost kills the cat

My beloved furry boyfriend Charlie almost died today. He managed to get himself locked in the Postie's boot this afternoon - the Postie says it wasn't intentional - and it's only because the Postie was too lazy and fat to bike into town this afternoon that Charlie is still alive. Instead, the Postie took his car, and somewhere around five minutes after leaving home heard Charlie's plaintive ear piercing yowl from the boot. It's also lucky P didn't have his stereo blaring heavy metal at the time too. So instead of certain death in a hot boot, C was treated to a car ride in the front seat which he apparently rather enjoyed.

This afternoon let's all hug our cats, rejoice in their little quirks and annoying habits and be grateful they're not trapped in the boot.

minutes after putting the finishing touches on Sweeney's jersey, Charlie gives it a little love

Charlie loves the Postie. Especially when P is doing his shoulder exercises.

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