November 29, 2007

Make a postie's day!

Last year was the first time I sent out Christmas cards. It made me feel very grown up. This year, I was planning to do what my mother does every year - send out cards with a letter. An actual letter, not an email or a blog post. A letter. Updating everyone on what amazing things I had been up to in the past year.

Then one came through the mail the other day, complete with good looking couple with kid picture, and I was so cynical about it - 'look at us, doing this stuff, aren't we great' etc, that I changed my mind. P'raps because I did not know the couple in question. But this year has had big news (a-hem ... a 100km walk, an almost Qantas award, and growing another person) and I'm a writer for goodness sakes. Writing a letter espousing the greatness of this year was destined to be. I also read the letter these good looking people had sent and it wasn't that bad. And plus, sending out my amazing letter and cards will keep those good looking men and women called posties in work for a wee while longer.

We love posties, we do.


Homeperm said...

i am so pleased to hear you have already received xmas cards. i sent a couple out in a fit of excitement last week because i have the CUTEST CARDS EVER. then this morning it hit me: it is not even december.

anyway, letters rule.

Sophie Lardon said...

Is it that time of year again! I do like receiving a letter full of people's news. It's a nice thought to think they have taken the time to write, buy a stamp, and find a post box.
You look fantastic, tiny is growing!
Congrats on sparrow & tui.
Enjoy the summer.