December 13, 2007

Yet again, plans for my birthday to slip by unnoticed are noticed

Yesterday was my 35th birthday - yes, I really am in my mid-thirties now. I feel like I am ticking off a whole lot of events that have been leading up to Tiny's birth - next on my list is Craft 2.0, finishing work at the end of next week and flying to Christchurch for Christmas. Then it will really be the final straight - just a lot of nesting to go.

Every year I vow to not really do much on my birthday, to just lay low and treat myself like a Queen, and this year my indulgence was to take the day off work. It was glorious. It went like this:

6.15ish The Postie gets up for work, the tui in the trees outside that's been trying to get some action starts his rather irritating mating call, and I roll over to find a hot cup of tea and the paper brought to me in bed. There's also a shiny papered thing, which I open to reveal a Motorhead g-string, size enormous, bought by P and Bramwell when they went to a Motorhead gig in Taranaki a few months ago. Thanks guys.

6.30-8.30am Sleep, glorious sleep.

8.30am Steve, a Canadian friend of P's who is staying with us gets up. He's arrived from Canada via Sydney the night before. I get up, laze over the sudoku chatting to Steve, who says aye a lot.

10am Send Steve off to town on the bus with that worried mother feeling that he may get on wrong bus, get hopelessly lost, be mugged etc. I attack the pile of presents P has left on the coffee table, including a fridge magnet from my mum that makes me all teary and a copy of Kate's Klassics. Work on a few craft items including a banner for my etsy shop which I am hoping to start up after this weekend's Craft 2.0.

11.30am P comes home from work, more tea is made.

1.30pm Lunch at Nikau with Natalie, Becc, Deb, Gus, P, Lauren and nine-month-old Zoe. So totally delicious. I hadn't really expected to do anyting with my pals this year, so this came as a nice surprise.

3.30pm My birthday tradition is to get a photo booth pic with someone special to me, so this year it's P's turn. We both prove to be hopless at operating the booth and look at the wrong camera at the wrong time, and I forget to include Tiny in this whole affair until the very last picture when I am captured looking like crazed woman lifting my shirt to reveal a vast moonscape of white skin.

4.30pm Home for a nap. Gentle breeze ruffles net curtains as I fall asleep with "A Suitable Boy" in my hands. Glorious. Steve and P go for a drive so Steve can see Wellington in all it's gloriousness.

6.30pm Surprise dinner. P, who has had one too many beers with Steve, directs me to drive to Kelburn and then leads me towards several resturants before entering Bistro Breton. I have a kir royale, beef fillet with gratin dauphinois on the side, and a pudding that can only be described a gluttonous. The waiter, who I am too shy to speak French to, tells me off for not finishing my main because I'm eating for two etc. I waddle to and from bathroom wondering if I will do a Mr Creosote and explode in the dining room.

9.30pm Home to bed and a dose of indigestion medicine. My parents call just as I collapse next to P who is rubbing his tummy and groaning.

A brilliant day.


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Haaaaaappy birthday K!! See ya Saturday.


Sophie Lardon said...

It sounds like a perfect 'birthday'. May all ur dreams come true. Many happy belated wishes for yesterday.
Take care of yourself and tiny.

Kimberlee + Lies said...


i love the photo booth tradition