December 19, 2007

You know what's awesome?

Though the days have been progressively more gruelling at work with me not able to handle the increasing size of my bump and keep my brain going at the same time, every now and then I am reminded of what utter awesomeness I have in my life, including:

  • Chrimbo mince pies. I have become a convert. The very fabulous Ann Packer, a freelance writer for the Dompost and craft goddess, brought some in yesterday and they were amazing. Even more amazing with a hot cup of TLeafT English Breakfast blend.
  • This morning I got my annual Muji care parcel from Craig in London. This year he's sent Hippo for Tiny and a bunch of other stationery goodies that I am eager to get home and pore over. Tonight I may do something totally nesty and make up the bassinet with Hippo in it. *deep sigh, as am unable to recognise the person formerly known as Kimberley Rothwell*
  • Wee Huia Rose was born making my pal Susie Poole an aunty. Welcome to auntyness, Susie. It's ace.
  • The Postie has started to pick me up from work everyday so I can avoid the hell known as taking the number 7 to Kingston at rush hour.
  • Discovering that lying belly down on Charlie's bean bag is the best thing ever. It almost makes me feel like a normal person again and takes all the weight off me aching bones.
  • Realising that after many years doing the whole 'seeking approval from others' thing, that I am surrounded by people who are pretty damn cool and aren't hell bent on making me feel small in comparison to them...

Life is sweet.


Anonymous said...

Hey K-

Nice to see you at the craft fair!

I used to be addicted to Muji, too! (When I lived in London town.) Those plain wooden pencils, all that unbleached cardboard and clean lines...drool...

I'm off on holiday in two days, so wanted to wish you a happy Christmas and restful pre-baby break. (Don't forget to go to the movies!)

And email me your new address - I have some beads to mail you in the new year.

x Helen

jameyg said...

Im answer to your question, the big fat momma cow head-butted poor wee Al, after he tried to cop a feed. I think I would do the same if some random kid came up and started getting stuck in. Hey Kimberley hows it going? Nice to hear from you. Oooooh I didnt think anyone was listening(im bluudy boring you see, and a smidgen shy.) Awesome to find your blog again (Ive seen it before- a while ago maybe through Fluff?) I like it very muchmuch-you're a clever lady. Congrats to Susie too! yay! Give Chris a kick from me!

Baby Bram said...

Isn't it amazing when you open your eyes and realise just how great everything is. I'm doing it every day right now. Life is like a dream. Except for the tube.
Enjoy you new found freedom from newsprint. xxx

Anonymous said...

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