January 26, 2008

D Day

My due date has come and gone, and I'm still pregnant. Tiny had a particularly rambunctious day yesterday, finding new crevasses of my belly to kick, his foot almost seeming to come out completely at one stage. I've been feeling pretty good the last few days, getting lots of stuff done that doesn't necessarily need to be done (organising my stacks of photos, culling the book shelves again) but it feels good to tick these things off a list. So yesterday I felt able to get the bus to town and catch up with pals Jodi and Tony visiting from Melbourne, Claire S who is back from the UK and later in the day went up into the town belt on Mt Vic and posed for my last series of belly pics. From almost day one, Bramwell has taken pics of the belly as it has progressed over the months and I'm so glad she's been doing it - she's an awesome photographer. We avoided the static shot with the same background to take pics of the woman and belly in action growing over the months - hanging out the washing, playing with Charlie, blotting out the sun. They've always been on a Saturday morning or just pinged off before a mountain bike ride or something, totally unprepared for. But last night, as the sun was heading for the Kaikouras, I got a bit dressed up in a red strapless top and lippy and posed like a maternity wear model amongst the trees. Bramwell hasn't shown me any of the pics so far, so I'm looking forward to seeing them in a series and reliving all the various stages of being pregnant. I'm getting quite nostalgic at the moment for being pregnant, it's such a topsy-turvy time and has changed my life so radically from anything that's ever happened before, so it feels only natural that as it comes to an end I should look back over it with rather a rosy glow.

And while I'm in a reflective mood, thank you all who have texted, called, written, and commented over the past few weeks and especially the last few days. I've been wished good luck so many times I really do feel I have it on my side right now. I can still only imagine what being a parent is going to be like, even though tomorrow I could be one.


homeperm said...

well i guess if i say good luck i will so just look like one of the hordes now:) but i'm going to say it anyway. GOOD LUCK.

Little Bram said...

Me too. Cos - I always was one of the hordes. Thinking of you.
Little Bramwell xxx

Anonymous said...

you'll be a great parent - kate/fossage

Aaronbcowanski said...

Oi - Hurry up and get in here would ya? Jo and I have been hanging around down here at neo-nates for a week with Isabella just waiting for you to turn up.....We's booooored (Except for all the time we spend staring at here going "cor, look at that, she moves", which is quite a lot)

Aaron B C

Billie said...

Hi Kimberley!

Rich's sister Billie here! Just remembered, and been reminded after reading your blog, that you were due last week, so heres hoping Tiny makes an appearance soon!
Thinking of you guys! Please say hi to Rich for me.

Sophie Lardon said...

Enjoy your last days with Tiny in your belly. It's a very exciting time for you and Postie.
Take care

craig penn said...

Been following you and the posties pregnancy with amazement. You look radiant and ready Kimberley. Have a wonderful rest of your pregnancy and I look forward to meeting Tiny in the future.


Melissa said...

all the best to you, special k, postie and tiny. enjoy this last waiting time (if possible.) xx

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Oh woah, I'm WAY behind. Here's hoping Tiny is out and about by now. I remember overdue and it ain't cool.

Your pic below is beeeautiful. I'd love to see the Bramwell versions!