February 28, 2008

Cheeky, charming, chatty ... and soooo advanced

A Wellington mother has become convinced in recent days that her child is the most advanced, funny, interesting, intelligent child ever born.

Kimberley Rothwell, 35, has been quoted as saying "he's so cute" and "he'll be teaching university physics next week" as she stares at her three-week-old son Harper while he sleeps in their Brooklyn home.

The comments were prompted by a visit from Harper's midwife who said in passing that Harper was very chatty for a three-week-old and so strong that he'd probably be walking by eight months.

Glowing with pride, Rothwell watched as her son was weighed by the midwife. He clocked in at a massive 4.26kg - a weight gain of 660g since birth.

Harper, whose interests include staring, putting on weight and sucking his fingers, said "ma ooo aaa eurgh".


Melissa said...

brilliant article. i'm looking forward to being able to tell people 'i've known harper since he was a baby.'
he's gorgoeus, k. xx

Nicki Natter said...

and SOOOOOOOO cute!

sas said...

Clearly, Harper is a genius :)

kimberlee said...

local blogger also convinced