March 28, 2008

Like father like son

I bought an old bouncinette on trade me last week. It's ace. Harper loves it, just like his Dad seemed to back in 1970.


Anonymous said...

Very cute! Would suggest ignoring first comment from fenridal as seems to be some antivirus software promo link (?)
Aunty E x

Lauren said...

Apparently when I was 2 and my sis was born I bounced her out of one of these things and then rode her like a horse. Of course I am much nicer now .. :)

Cute pics by the way! We enjoy reading about Harper from over here in London

Anonymous said...

He is oh so cute.

Claire said...

What a handsome young fella!! He looks sooo wise, and cheeky too! xxx

kimberlee said...

look at those eyes, harper is so beautiful!

and I like the comparison!