March 12, 2008

A wedding, some presents and a little brown suit

While Harper, now a very mature five weeks old, is the most chatty, charming little baby born last month, he was not above trying to upstage his aunty and his grandfather at his aunty Elizabeth's wedding last Friday and be the centre of attention. Not only did he bellow through the ceremony at Auckland's Cornwall Park, he made a bit of a ruckus during the speeches - especially his grandfather's speech - and had to be taken home early for some cuddling and rocking. He was admired by many a relative, his mother actually had to keep them away from him the next day at the after-match function to stop him getting overtired/too much of a big head. There seemed to be as many presents from Harper's new fan club as Elizabeth and Nigel got for their wedding. We had to borrow a spare suitcase to get them all home to Wellington.

The aunty's got my baby! Newlyweds Elizabeth and Nigel with their nephew

While in Auckland, I managed to catch up with some pals from journo school, get down to Hamilton to visit pals from there, I also met a lot of the Postie's family and friends, and had an almost constant stream of cups of tea from his parents. Awesome. One of the highlights of our week up there was catching up briefly with one of my oldest pals Lisa who got back to New Zealand a few months ago after a massive journey through Africa. She and I spent quite a bit of time looking at Harper and saying, 'wow, crazy'. It was weird to be sitting there with this woman I've known since I was 11 showing her my baby. Harper was wearing a particularly cute little suit that day sent to me from Melissa in Norway, but at the rate that Harper is packing on the weight (he has rolls where before there were no rolls) he won't fit it again. It's a shame - he looks awesome in it and it's such a great fabric with little owls on it.

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kimberlee & Lies said...

Oh yeh what a quite little growsuit! I guess the grow no longer applies...
X Lies

kimberlee said...

yes so cute, save it for the next one. ha!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Cute suit! Kid ain't too bad either. Sorry to hear about the reflux - few mamas on my geeky parenting site who have had to deal with it - doesn't sound the most fun!


Melissa said...

eee- harper looks so cute in the wee owl suit. sorry to send such a tiny size- but sometimes i just can't resist clothes that miniature. it's kind of a problem.