January 03, 2009

A post about Christmas ...

It seems so long ago now ... Christmas Eve with Mum, Ange and Sweeney with S playing Santa and unwrapping all our gifts for us, Christmas Day in the Maxwell's backyard eating bbq'd sausages and trying to remember everyone's names, and Boxing Day with the Grahams watching Harper get the hang of unwrapping goodies. Waking up every morning to the sound of my son giggling as he's brought in to me for a feed, then whisked away by his g'pa for a walk. The smell of Ces's tomato plants on my hands after scouring them for unpinched laterals. Walking up to One Tree Hill in the evening to see where rich people live in palatial suburban pads. Getting to look after three-week-old Jessica for an hour or so while her mum takes a walk. Harper swinging in the shade of the tree right outside the back door.