April 03, 2009

I am a Bad Mother. Or am I?

A letter to the editor this week:

Last Wednesday’s front page said that there are ‘‘too many young parents lacking basic parenting skills’’, which was later followed by Kimberley Rothwell’s praise of a cafe for not making her feel like a pariah as her one-year-old toddled toward hot teapots, tipped sugar everywhere and left chewed food on the floor. Are all of New Zealand’s parents out to lunch?

A news story on Stuff.co.nz today:

A Pennsylvania mother drugged her 13-year-old daughter so the woman's boyfriend could get the girl pregnant, say police.
Police say 32-year-old Shana Brown is no longer able to have children, but wanted a baby with her boyfriend.
A detective says Brown and her 40-year-old boyfriend, Duane Calloway, attempted to impregnate the girl on three occasions. He says the girl prevented the rapes.
The girl's paternal grandmother reported the incidents to police in Uniontown, in western Pennsylvania, about 80 kilometres south of Pittsburgh.
Brown is facing several charges, including endangering the welfare of children. Brown's lawyer didn't immediately return a call for comment.
Calloway faces charges of attempted rape. It wasn't immediately clear if he has a lawyer.
- AP

1 comment:

Ange Rothwell said...

Yes, but was Shana Brown's floor clean? Did her existing child cover her in food at mealtime??
Because this is what really matters about parenting.
I got told off twice by actual people on the walk to preschool this morning. Once because Sweeney ran ahead of me and MIGHT have gone on the road, and once because I was letting him lie face down on the street, rather than drag him along by one arm.