April 21, 2009

A post in which Special K reflects on the awesomeness of people

I've had some pretty fantastic interview subjects in the past couple of weeks. They make my job really rewarding and means I learn something everyday, which is totally awesome. Journalists would be nothing without the people who let us into their lives, so a big shout-out today to those who have graciously invited me into their worlds and happily let me plaster them all over the paper for 250,000 (or so) people to read about.
Especially these dudes:
- Josh and Kiran: J talked about how for all the professional development and good intentions in the teaching profession, teachers are still pronouncing students' Maori names incorrectly, and that Pakeha NZ doesn't seem to be able to get past 'kia ora'. We all grew up with 'ma is white' etc, so why can't we all say Toe-paw or Far-no? It's not that hard.
- Nikki, who in an interview talked about how, even if she had very little money, supporting the organic industry would still be a priority. "I'd like to see fundamental shifts in the way the world spends. I try to live the way I would like to see the world live." If we all did that, wouldn't the world be that much more awesome?
So thanks guys. You give me hope on a day when I read this story.


Chris Cole said...

Hey Special K

That's a lovely story (contrasted with a very sad story).

Where do you get your story leads from? I only ask because my partner and I are about to launch a new shop in Wellington specialising in handmade jewellery - Chris Cole Jewellery. We're interesting because we're so old fashioned in our technique but also because we're copreneurs and we're starting a business in a "recession!"

Would love to hear from you,
Anne (hello@chriscole.co.nz)

Lauren said...

Thing that frustrates me is when the same people who can't get past "kia ora" wear a greenstone travelling and tell people when overseas about the "Maarri" as if they are an authority on the subject. Grrr.