May 25, 2009

Birthday boy, home alone

I've got a bit of catching up on the blog front to do, so here we go starting with the Postie's birthday. We both had the day off work, and I attempted to give him the Most Awesome Birthday Ever (TM) by:
  • carting the kid off to creche
  • making him eggs benedict and poaching the most perfect eggs ever
  • making him a birthday cake while he was out mountain biking
  • paying sneakily for his afternoon massage (though the massager guy didn't realise this and P paid for it himself)
  • taking him out for swell dinner with our pals at a Mexcian restaurant where a certain girl had too many margaritas because it's been a long time since she really drank anything.. ahem.
The next day, P and Harper jetted off to Auckland to see Gparents, Gmother, and cousin Jessica and her folks, and I was left in blissful solitude for four whole days. I did stuff. I had long soaks in the bath. I ate every takeaway possible. I finished the orange sweatshirt that I started a year ago in sewing class. I watched three seasons of The L Word. I left cups of tea all over the house anywhere I wanted. It was awesome. Oh, and the boys had a nice time up norf too.
Trying to escape from the godmother, One Tree Hill


Anonymous said...

What a cute pair the cuzzies make in their matching cardies...J was happy to tug at H but not sure he appreciated the attention!
Aunty Exx

sas said...

So you'll have time to do the meme?