May 13, 2009

Everyone is leaving

First it was M&M, then it was the Firestones. Neil and Becc are off to Perth next month, and now Matalie are heading for Auckland, time line unknown. Perhaps the fact that we can't afford to buy a house in Wellington that doesn't involve hanging off the side of a cliff is a sign we should go too. I want Harper to have a backyard to run around in, space for a vegetable garden that gets sun all year round, and not have to move out to a suburb where I have to spend more time commuting in a bus/train squashed into someone's armpit than I do with my son each day.
And then Monique sends me this:
"Houses are cheap in Whangarei, there's a local paper, nice cafes, a hari krishna restaurant where you can get a meal for $3.50, growers' market on Saturdays. It's warm and sunny and you can grow bananas in the back yard. Harper can grow up to be a surfer boy.
"Oh and people talk to you in shops. And there an enormous Hospice charity shop with lots of bargins. Oh and did I mention it was warm?"
I have to admit I am tempted.

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