June 09, 2009

Deja vu

About seven years ago, when I was travelling in France in my clapped-out Transit van, I went for a week without washing my hair. I was holed up on a hill above Nice waiting for my replacement passport to turn up. When it did turn up, I took to the road again and found a nice campsite in Avignon where I took the longest shower of my life and washed my hair about 385 times. Then I wandered into town and ate a lot of cheese, but that's another story.
It's day six of no-'poo and I'm starting to remember why that shower was so great that I can still remember it seven years later. It was the clean, clean, sweet-smelling French shampooed hair that fell from my head like a silky waterfall.
I am missing that waterfall. I've resorted to the Severe Ponytail. If I had washed my hair in shampoo this morning and ponytailed it, little wisps would be emerging around my face, tickling my ears etc. It would be forming little curls and waves which would make me look a bit Jane Austeny. But no, my hair is so slick it's staying tighly wound. It feels like a helmet.
I did a bit of goofing off on the internet yesterday and found a few forums where people said things like "I went 'poo-free for three days but gave in because I'm weak" or "I've been 'poo-free for three months and my hair is like a baby's". So I determined not to be weak, but to hang out for the silky waterfall that awaits me on the other side ...

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Beth up North said...

I did the same thing when I was in New Zealand (weird!). I was working at the OPC and heard it was possible, hated paying the man and went for it. I had the luxury of wearing a bandanna on my head as I went cold turkey and it was good enough to go without after two weeks. And it go super curly. When my mom came to visit I had a great time shocking her. I asked how my hair looked and she raved about it, and she never raves. When I told her the truth she was in shock. The ultimate test!

Rock on!

ps I had to shampoo again when I got back to the States, was in LA and could feel the smog cling to my head. -sigh