June 08, 2009

Hair today, grease tomorrow

Day Five of No-'Poo: Ok, so we're at the yikky stage. I look like a greasy-haired teenager. When I touch my hair it feels like a damp blanket. Today I used the baking soda and apple cider vinegar together for the first time, optimistically thinking I would emerge from the shower with flowing tresses to rival Angelina Jolie, but no. Not yet.


harvestbird said...

I am following your experiment with interest. I switched, just under three months ago, from 20 years of washing my hair everyday to washing it every second day. It has been a challenge but my scalp feels a lot better and my hair is a lot nicer on the days I do wash it than previously.

Sarah said...

I'm watching too and read the link from your last post. Very interesting. I considered it for a moment and maybe one day will try it, but for now I might just see what healthier alternatives there might be on the shelves at Commensense Organics (at a very steep price no doubt!).

Good luck!