June 12, 2009

A million bucks ...

... is what my hair feels like today. Just the baking soda wash, combed through my hair pretty comprehensively, and no vinegar rinse. It still feels absolutely revolting washing it, like a limp mat, but after blowdrying the bejesus out of it, it feels quite marvellous. I realised this morning that what I am really missing is that lush, lathery feeling when you wash your hair in 'poo, it feels so creamy and delicious and clean. I don't know how well my hair would be doing if I weren't blowdrying it (I hate having wet hair, so not blowdrying it before work is not an option), perhaps it would stay like a limp mat for much longer.
The Godmother asked me yesterday if I was taking photos of it every day, but alas, there's not much to see. It's how it feels. The detox period was horrible, there was hardly a minute of my day where I didn't feel murky and unclean. When I took the hair tie out of my hair yesterday afternoon, the hair just stayed in the same place, and I'm amazed there weren't flies buzzing about my head. But today I'm feeling pretty ace. I think the detox period may be over. Hurrah!


Nikki said...

It's amazing how we are brainwashed into thinking that foam = clean. That's why I always feel gross after using those portaloos where they have the hand sanitiser. Ick. Mind you, the portaloo factor may also have something to do with it! heh.

Glad things are looking up. You are almost inspiring me to try. Eeeek.

sas said...

Loving this experiment!
And love the header/layout changes. Awesome boobage in the header ;)