June 05, 2009


I'm embarking on a month of not using shampoo. I read about it in Good magazine, and how after six weeks of no shampoo, hair returns to its glorious best; kitteny soft and sweet smelling. But rather than go cold turkey and just not wash it with anything, I'm using this as a guide - washing with baking soda in water and an apple cider vinegar rinse. I didn't wash it with anything yesterday and used the baking soda this morning. It's gone pretty floppy and soft, which is nice, but I can see I won't have to wash it that often (I'm an everyday with tonnes of shampoo person).
Why am I doing this? Partly to save money, partly because I'm sick of the industry that tells us unless we dump tonnes of crap on our heads and our skin we're not beautiful enough.
So there.


Joanna said...

Will you please file a special report for www.prettyprettypretty.com at the end of your month? xojo

Mel Archer said...

I remember doing that whilst at uni last time (mind you my hair was a lot shorter then) - twas pretty positive results after a month (helped that I swam in the sea a few times which gave my fine hair a much needed 'lift'). I now wash maybe twice a week- use fancy shampoo which works great on my fine hair (no conditioner - on a past hairdressers?! advice) but one bottle lasts me about 6 months so i can justify the $30 a bottle price tag... ;). Mind you being a mum now I tend to just brush and tie my (uncut for probably a year) hair up except for the day i wash it....