July 29, 2009

News Story of the Week: Man Does Nothing Wrong

The National Bank has admitted it made a mistake by releasing the photo of a man measuring up an ATM machine in Dargaville to police.
A photograph of a man measuring up the ATM machine outside the bank was sent to media.
However, a bank spokesperson told the Dargaville and Districts News newspaper today the man was doing legitimate work.
"The man concerned was completing work on behalf of the bank."
The National Bank has apologised to the company involved and the staff member concerned.
"There appears to have been a communications mix-up within the bank which led to the photo being released to police," she said.
The security camera photograph, from two months ago, shows a man measuring up the pillars which stood on each side of the ATM machine and some footage also shows him carrying a clipboard.

MEASURING UP: Police have established that a person pictured measuring up an ATM
in Dargaville was not up to anything suspicious.

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