August 28, 2009

Just another manic ... what day is this?

Oh. My. God.
Things are busy. I've taken on a bit of extra work in the evenings that will keep my nights full until end of November all things going well. So not much time for the goofing off things I did in Northland last week, like daily yoga, making up songs on the guitar, knitting, going for walks, reading, having long baths, sleep ins, etc. It's just being a dull girl for a bit.
Worth it though. Not being able to knit for a while isn't going to kill me. Just make me a bit mental.
This is what my day looks like right now:
5.30am Wake up in cold sweat about how much I have to do.
6am Postie gets up, closes bedroom door so I don't hear him mooching about in kitchen
6am-6.45am Listen to Postie mooch about in kitchen. Try to convince myself I can get back to sleep.
6.45am Postie goes to work, I get up.
6.50am Have shower, use expensive eco shampoo on hair that leaves it feeling like oil slick.
7am - 7.30am Sit in a daze on beanbag wishing I were asleep. Drink tea, eat muesli.
7.3oam Harper gets up with Snuffy and special blankie in tow. Am overwhelmed with how cute his is. Make his breakfast. Watch him eat his breakfast while sitting in a daze on beanbag.
7.45am - 8.15am Get Harper ready for creche. On any given day this could involve being kicked in the face as I get him dressed, a tussle to get him into his carseat and away from his beloved trike, or a miracle - where he finds his coat and hat and brings them to me, and stays still while I put them on him.
8.30am Arrive at creche. Talk kids with other parents. Get Harper deeply involved in an activity involving vehicles before kissing him goodbye.
8.50am Arrive at Postie's work to drop car off and flirt with Postie. Sometimes he even flirts back.
9.05am Arrive at work.
9.06am - 5.06pm Save world through journalism, write top quality copy, break stories left, right and centre, and bring meaningful new ideas to the general populace.
5.07pm Walk to bottom of Brooklyn hill for a wee bit of exercise. Catch bus home.
5.30pm Greet Postie and Harper who have come to meet me from the bus. Wrestle Harper to get him back inside the house. Gaze benignly at Home and Away. Turn TV off to eat dinner. Sometimes get to eat whole meal before Harper needs to be on my lap.
6.30pm Get Harper into his bath, brush teeth for ages because watching him in the bath can be quite boring and may as well use the time productively. Yes, I'm that exciting.
7pm Get Harper into bed after a few stories. These days he is stoked to be going to be along with Mr Snuffy and special blankie. Thank the lord.
7.15pm Start second job in curtained off dining room.
10pm Call it a day and crawl into bed.

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sas said...

you should really knit yourself a cape with 's' for super K on it. oh, no right... you probably don't need any more demands right now...