September 07, 2009

It's all happening

Man. We've had an offer accepted on a house - not my dream house - but a house, and as I type, Postie is on the phone to the solicitor nutting some stuff out. It's exciting, terrifying.
And in other news, Harper had his hair cut for the first time today. It's too dark to take decent photos, so standby on that one. Postie did it with some clippers and made rather a nice job of it. Looking at photos of before, I don't know why we didn't do it sooner. H was beginning to look like a member of the Bay City Rollers.


Mel Archer said...

ooo congrats! hope the move goes well, let me know if you want any tips ;)

Sophie said...

Congrats for purchasing a house. It may be a house at the moment but I know you will turn it into a loving home.

bram said...

Why is that lady going to kick the Harp-meister in the back of the head?