September 29, 2009

I've been tired

Sorry for the lengthy absence fans* but I've been a wee bit ill since last blogging. I've had the very fancy sounding viral labyrinthitis, which is a long name meaning big ear infection. It made me see the world a little bit wonky for going on 10 days now, made me very sleepy all the time, and there was a bit of spewing going on at various times too. But I'm on the mend now, and can see my screen without it blurring and spinning and making me want to lie down and stay very, very still. I have to say I outdid myself going to the after hours doctor on a Monday night in my pink stripy pyjamas, dressing gown and dead-as-a-doorknob slippers that should have been chucked out months ago. I wish I had video footage of it. At least I didn't disgrace myself by throwing up in the waiting area. That would have been tacky.
I have to say here that Postie and I would not have survived the week I had off work had it not been for the miracle worker known as Ange. Not once, not twice, but many times we said to each other, where would we be without her? She made us dinner, took me to the doctor, kept H occupied when we needed time out, and was generally totally A+ for Awesome.

*harper's grandmothers

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sue said...

OMg you poor thing i had a case of viral labyrinthitis, about 9 yeazrs ago.

the one thing that worked for the nauseau was those accupressure bandanges you get for boat travel.

Also accupunture.

but in both cases on dealt with the nausea not the extra