October 29, 2009

Five things about moving house

We have moved house. We are no longer residents of the cul-de-sac. Instead, we live on a vertiginous hillside, in an army green house, with a spectacular view of Makara Peak and the dying light of evening. We're k-town dwellers now.
Last night was goodbye to:
1. The brown, impervious-to-spilt-milk carpet.
2. The path of death leading down to the clothes line.
3. Shane doing his laundry, blowing his nose, emptying his bladder. And the wildebeest. *shudder*
4. Ving and his concrete shed, his utter disregard for the environment, and his 'beautiful day! Oh you big boy!'
5. Other residents of the 'sac; Dad187, Martin, Miss Piggy, Jaffa the Ginger Ninja, Ving's mum.
And it's hello to:
1. The four children who live next door, school-aged to baby-sized.
2. Living in a suburb the size of a small town.
3. Steps. And more steps.
4. Having a backyard.*
5. Pink and blue lino like you wouldn't believe.*
It's a bit chaotic at our new digs - I've lost my mobile, have only one of each of my pairs of work shoes, and who knows where the kettle is? We have no landline yet, but the shower is awesome (the 'sac's shower was utter crap) and last night just finding some pjs for Harper was an investigation on a par with locating the survivors of Oceanic 815.
A special shout out here to Anne and Ces who braved the steps and a rather ratty Harper to help us move. We couldn't have done it without you.
*photos coming once we find the camera


Mum said...

At least you have your laptop . . . and each other.
Love Mum XO XO XO XO

Nikki said...

K town! Awesome!
A friend just moved there and she is beating mormons off with a stick. She'll be pleased to know some more sane people just moved to the hood.

sue said...

i love the k town and now it's special K town

i can highly recommend getting lost in the maze at ben burn park, and the flying fox at karori park.

karori library cafe, is so lovely that you get your food at the cafe then go in sit in the library and read books in the sun, or perhaps watch Harpur jump around on the beanbags?

and there are no mormons where i live, obviously our neighborhood rabbit scared them away