October 19, 2009

I've taken a lover

I've been unfaithful to my book group. Yep, I've been reading non-book group books. You see, I work at work all day, then I work at night for a few hours and then when I get to bed I am absolutely wired and just like to stare at the wall for a bit. But staring at the wall doesn't make me sleepy, reading does. So sometimes I read a book that isn't particularly challenging, one that I can rack up lots of pages of before I fall asleep with book still in my hand and a wee bit of dribble eeping out of my mouth. And the last couple of days, that book has been Julie & Julia.
I like the idea of it - woman seeks to fufil her life by setting herself task and blogging about said task, and through that task, illuminates her life in a witty and compelling way. Hey, isn't that what most blogs are - us bloggers trying to shed light on our lives and showing off what good writers we is? And the device of having a task to do it through, it's kind of like a road trip story, or a quest. It gives the narrative a hook to hang off. I'm churning through the pages, and look forward to catching the bus home at night not just because I'm going home, but because I can read this book.
But it's leaving me a little cold. It's making me really interested in Julia Child, more than about Julie. In fact, I think I'll go to the library tomorrow and get a book about JC, once I've finished J&J. I remember watching Julia Child when I was a kid, with her enormous elabroate meals, her sloppiness, her chaos, the feeling that the stove might explode at any moment. Who knew she was in her late 30s before she learned to cook? That she was a bored housewife in Paris when cooking took hold of her, that she met her husband in Sri Lanka, that she was 6'2"?
The other thing that I'm getting out of J&J is that I really should try and blog more often. I've been pretty hopeless of late. I've decided when I've finished my current freelance work, I will try to write more in the evenings, you know, like actual creative writing. It's a scary prospect.

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Beth Up North said...

I like it when you blog, so I'm looking forward to the finish of your current freelancing too. Don't be afraid... or at least not paralyzed.

-Your stalker in Duluth