October 16, 2009

News story of the Week - band that I thought split up years ago splits up

I'm having a hard time today with the continual dead or missing children stories in the media at the minute - the tsunami, then Aisling Symes, and now the missing 6-year-old who hopped into a helium weather tracking balloon that took off into the sky, but wasn't in it when it landed. It's too much. I can't cope with all the sadness. Perhaps that's because I'm having what's technically known as a Bad Day. I feel a bit more than 'meh'. A bit more than fed up. Just sad at the world for no particular reason other than it kinda sucks right now.
So along comes this story. My old pals A-ha, who I thought were no longer a band, have decided to no longer be a band. If this had happened 23 years ago I would have been hysterical with grief, but it's actually barely registering on my scale of sad - it's almost like light relief from it.

a-ha then ...

... and a-ha yesterday.


bram said...

Don't cry - the boy in the balloon was in the attic. And how much does that a-ha guy look like Patrick Swayze (MHRIP)

Mel Archer said...

Wow! they've aged rawly well!

Sophie Lardon said...

OMG A-ha is so now hot!

A child missing..... speechless.

What about the boy in the balloon, the media is confusing me. Publicity or not?

sas said...

Morten is so.... funky.