February 19, 2010

Where I am

Right now I see:
sun streaming outside on the paddock where cows gently graze
Monique chomping furtively on some home grown corn
wide open windows
curtains ruffled by a slight breeze
my own barefeet

I hear:
Monique furtively chomping on corn, talking to herself about not having any ripe avocados
the ever-present blistering of cicadas
some native bird I'm not familiar with
the space where the sound of the newsroom, the toddler and the cars should be

And I smell:
homegrown tomatoes roasting



passport in my pocket said...

this is a great post! Love the sensory details.

the bram said...

What I can see:

A computer screen
A sunny day out the window

What I can hear:
Lockwood Smith getting snitty over repeated points of order

What I can smell:
The burnt cheese on the toastie pie maker