June 16, 2010

Breaking news: New Zealand doesn't lose

New Zealand's football team, the All Whites*, made it by some miracle from the football gods to make it to the FIFA World Cup tournament, the first time since 1982. We're ranked something like 75th in the world, so it's quite an achievement and you'd have to be living under a rock right now not to know about it (if you live in New Zealand anyways). The All Whites had their first match last night versus Slovakia, and another miracle has taken place - we didn't lose. A New Zealand goal scored in the final seconds of the game - and I'm not being dramatic, it really was in the final seconds - made the scores even at one goal all. You would think, though, from the reactions of the players and media, that we'd won the entire tournament. Apparently, it's the first time New Zealand has scored a 'point' in the World Cup competition. We were absolutely slaughtered by everyone we played in 1982. I have to admit I make extremely loud squealing noises when we scored and love that everyone's so happy about something other teams (including the poor old Slovaks) would be gutted about. Now if we could just apply this same sense of celebration to the Rugby World Cup next year ...

*No, not an Aryan team, just the opposite of the rather famous NZ rugby team the All Blacks. It's the shirt colour we're talking about here. Most NZ sporting teams have some sort of play on this theme; the Tall Blacks (basketball), the Black Sticks (hockey), the Black Caps (cricket), the Black Sox (softball).

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Raewyn said...

Let's not forget the New Zealand Badminton team, the appallingly-named Black Cocks. I kid you not.