October 06, 2010

La maison

We have some interesting wallpaper in our house.

And the flooring's pretty neat too.


Rhiannon said...

LOVE this post. I wish our house had some of the original (or at least older..) wallpaper left in it. We just have the glorious brown/orange/cream/yellow blob carpet. mm.
I used to have a roll of that wallpaper with the green and brown spirograph type pattern! Maybe it was a popular choice not so long ago!

Mum said...

First photograph has the same wallpaper pattern we had in the hallways at Kent Street. Remember? Love, Mum

Catherine and clan (aka catnz) said...

Kimberley, the top wallpaper is in Dad's house in Wesley Rd. Definitely 70s vintage - I think that's in the hallway. Hope you are enjoying your new home, Catherine