February 21, 2011

In the far, far north

We've been on holiday, to a little paradise called Coopers Beach. Think long sweeping bay with centuries old pohutukawa trees reaching their limbs out into the sand. Think clear sunny blue skies. Think hot sticky roads and well deserved icecreams on the way back to the house.
Harper spent a night in Whangarei with his pals Monique and Myles while his dad and I scarpered up to the beach, then they all came up to the beach for fish and chips at the Mangonui Fish Shop the next day.

There are other highlights:
- driving up the Karikari peninsula to Matai Bay
- Harper catching his first fish - a baby snapper which we promptly threw back to its mum and dad
- eating freshly gathered tuatua with white wine and garlic
- walking the beach at high tide as a full moon came out
- clambering over the rocks with my grown up boy as the sun set - it's very rare for both of us to be out playing at night time
- seeing whanau in Auckland, meeting two-week-old Bonnie Mila, and catching up with my journo girlz Amy and Maggie and their pregnant pukus.


sas said...

harpers ice cream face is brilliant!
what an idyllic holiday :)

JodesW said...

I don't think I've been to Coopers Beach since I was as old as Harper. Beautiful pics, beautiful place. xx

JodesW said...

I don't think I've been to Coopers Beach since I was Harper's age! Gorgeous place, great pics. xx